Wednesday, 4 February 2009

PennyDog jewellery

i recently did another trade - this time with Kerry from PennyDog Jewellery.
She wanted some plain tags cutting out for a new packaging idea she'd had and i just happen to have the right size die and a die-cutting machine so she offered to make me some pendants in return - i think i got the better deal - look what she made me - i provided two broken vintage glass buttons, a key charm and a tiny heart button.
i think they came out beautifully.

Kerry makes all sorts of lovely resin jewellery - i have stolen the images below from her flickr account{hope you don't mind Kerry!} - i love this tapemeasure bracelet and i have suggested a dressmaking pattern paper one would be fantastic

Kerry also takes commissions and recently made this lovely pendant as a memorial

not only does Kerry make all this fantastic jewellery available here and from etsy and folksy, she also blogs and is writing her own resin tutorial book available to pre-order now!
phew . . . . slow down Kerry i can't keep up!

oh and i fogot to say that for every item of jewellery she sells
Kerry donates a £1 to the "retired greyhound trust"
what a star!


Seasparkle x said...

HA HA How smug am I? I have the tape measure bracelet!!!!!!!!! Mine all mine!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe thanks, That's two of the tape measure bangles gone, will have to make some more :)

Jessica Rodarte said...

beautiful pendants!!

Anonymous said...

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