Thursday, 17 July 2008

a pox on my house!




my son has got chicken pox - he has spots all over but is being very good and so far has been happy and pretty much his usual self and so far is hardly scratching. Hopefully he will be over it quickly.

here follow some photo's of stuff i've bought recently - no crafting lately - my mojo is lost again

huge new bag

very very cute!!

lovely new buttons - bakerlite faux tortoiseshell with mother-of-pearl inlays

lovely lovely lovely
{& for sale if anyone fancys them!!!}


Apryl said...

aww bless poor spotty boy! hope he recovers quickly.

lovely bag and buttons though!

Adele said...

Ohh...bless you poor little DS!!

Fabby bag...and you have brought back memories of me "sorting" my Great Grandmothers button box!!!

love Dingle.x

Chloe said...

Poor little chap.
Chicken pox is horrid.

Lovely bag and buttons.

April said...

OH dear hope he feels better soon

Loving that bag...

April xx

Miaou said...

Aw, poor wee soul! That is some spot collection!
Love the bag, very cute!