Friday, 3 July 2009

vintage crochet brooch

As i'm sure you've noticed i LOVE shopping in my local charity shops!
I keep finding these gorgeous vintage doilies for bargain prices
i can't crochet myself - so i can only guess at how many hours of work
must go into these beautiful and intricate designs,
it seems rude to leave them in the shops gathering dust
so i've been snapping them up and stashing them away!

available in my Folksy shop or my Etsy shop

so the other day after finding some more pretties
i got out my doily stash and had a play
and here's what i came up with

it is a rather large brooch -
i was going to make it even bigger
but would've needed to stiffen the larger doilies
i think it will look great on a plain top or jacket
and fantastic on a bag
{i'm going to embellish some calico totes next}

to make it -
i tea-dyed the smaller doily to give a better contrast
and sewed the two doilies together with a vintage button in the centre
and stitched a brooch clasp on the back.

so next time you're in the charity shop/thrift store
and see some un-loved doilies,
don't ignore them - snap 'em up!


more doily fashion here
meridian ariel's Etsy shop


ATELIER said...

I'm loving the brooch. I've just bought some old doillies from the RSPCA shop in the village and hope to use them to spruce up a couple of old cardies and on the bags that are sitting in my sewing box waiting to be stitched together .. but I'm not in a sewing mood today ... I'm feeling like a lazy girl ... more tea anyone?

Craft Matters said...

Great use of those doilies. Charity shop finds are the best!

Apryl said...

I'm going to make something with some of the little doilies I stashed last week, depending on how well the boy is entertained watching tv while poorly today. I made a button hair bobble the other day as was wondering if I could make one with a small doily and vintage button... and I might do another needlebook or warm bag.. and cut fabric to make your needlebook too!

can't wait to see your tote bags! it would be nice if you did some fab embroidery on the totes too!!!

Anne said...

Very cool!! I posted a link to your project on Craft Gossip Sewing: