Monday, 13 July 2009

My birthday!

half-past-six in the morning
my son is stomping up the stairs shouting
"happy birthday Mummy"
but he brought me this gorgeous painting
so i'll let him off the way too early start!

the painting is of me and the baby i mind in her pink pushchair!
Derek got me a fantastic new camera
which is the newer version of mine in PINK
and a cd and a boxed set of Doctor Who {swoon}
My daughter was more civilised
and brought my gifts
{a huge tea mug and thornton's truffles yummy!}
with a lovely cup of tea at a more reasonable time!

so after a leisurely morning and a visit from a friend bearing flowers
we headed off to Bude for shopping and a pic-nic lunch
hmmm i don't like the look of those clouds

this is my favourite shop in Bude
it is jam-packed full of textiles and jewellery and nick-nacks!

after a few shops the rain started gently
and then the heavens opened!

cornish pasties in the car instead of on the canal bank!
rain or not we had a lovely time
and i got a new dress for a wedding in August
so feel very relieved that is sorted
(obviously i will NEED new shoes too!)
there is a great fabric/haberdashery shop in Bude
but we were running out of time on the parking ticket
so i did a five minute look - i will have to go back soon!

when we got home there was a lovely parcel waiting for me from MeridianAriel
with a gorgeous needle book in the fabric i've been lusting over
a lavender sachet a beautiful card
and some vintage darning thread
all wrapped up in pattern paper and baker's twine.

my Mum joined us for a chinese take out for tea
and my Aunt & Uncle popped round with more gifts of chocolate
and we all ate too many cakes and biscuits!

and to top off a perfect day it was the TORCHWOOD finale
Oh my god - did you watch it?
i loved it but am still feeling a little haunted!


JuanitaTortilla said...

Hope you've had a good day despite the rain :)
Apryl was really sweet in sending you a present. Was it a surprise?
Shame on me. I should find a way to make you something, soon!

Knit - R - Done said...

Happy Birthday! Gifts from children are the sweetest.

Apryl said...

you know I normally forget birthday's and things but as I was making the needlecase for you and FB whispered it was your birthday this week I had to include a few more treats....

and how fab is that shop? I want to go there! I think I may want to live there!

April said...

Happy Birthday

April xx

Possum said...

Sounds like a lovely day and what a fantastic looking shop, if I'm ever down that way I would definitely go there.

p.s. I felt the same about Torchwood, it was well done but very dark and disturbing.

Jessica Rodarte said...

happy birthday! what sweet gifts! :)

Suzanne Vaughan said...

What a lovely day - and fab pressies!

christinedown28 said...

happy birthday. Yes I watched Torchwood. Did you think Mr Green was supposed to be Mr Brown? And wasn't that American General annoying?? Do you think it will be back? Can Cap'n jack bring back his grnadson? So many questions.

Annie B said...


sunds like a great day (apart from early start and rain - but those clouds looked so dramatic they were almost worth it)

am envious (again) of your location

Happy Birthday Again


Yvonne Temple said...

Just popped in from UK Handmade... I was really surprised to see Wild Wood on your blog.. I went to Bude on holiday from South Devon a year or so ago and that was my most fav shop too... something new around every corner.. I must make another trip to Bude especially to visit it.
Hope the birthday was a fun filled happy one

Torya Winters said...

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jayne said...

sounds like you had a great day love the painting.
if you fancy entering our craft competition over at and much more check us out xxx