Wednesday, 1 July 2009

passion for fabrics - if only i could sew!

i LOVE fabric
i don't know why because i can't even sew and my sewing machine can reduce me to tears or send me into fits of rage!
but i really do love fabric, especially if it has a vin
tage haberdashery theme to it!
i found this lovely button card fabric when i was visiting
Vintage Fern's blog
it is from
Karaku Style at Etsy
there are way to many cute japanese prints and really lovely rubber stamps
in tha
t shop!

gorgeous button cards

snippety snip

photo stolen from MeridianAriel's post here

there is a lovely post about fabric and fabric giveaway over at Primrose Corner


nickynackynoo said...

Love the snippy scissors and the threads.

Apryl said...

that fabric on my blog was from Karuku too... I may have to order a bit of that button card one though.. its too adorable... would you like to swap a bit of the thread card fabric for some buttons? or I could sew you a little something.. a needlebook for your embroidery needles?

Laurie said...

I know just how you feel -- I only taught myself to sew on a very basic, beginner Singer within the past few months! Before that, if I wanted to sew anything, I did it by hand (and was quite fast, too!) I love fabric and could look at it all day!

Tamsyn said...

ablergorgeous fabrics :) know what you mean about sewing, I am the same and hopeless at straight lines :)
I have some of that fabric in my shop..i got side tracked while looking for new yarn at a trade show :) x