Saturday, 11 July 2009

crochet doily brooch crazy!

my blog views have gone crazy this last week!
all because of this brooch

from this post

I love to add my photo's to flickr and join the relevant groups for my projects
i added the brooch photo to the CRAFT pool

where it was picked up on and featured in Craftzine

i got loads of views on my blog
so checked my sitemeter

to find out where they were all coming from

as i'd never had so many views before!

Then Anne {thank-you Anne!} posted a comment telling me she had added a link to my blog on
Craft Gossip Sewing

cue loads more blog hits!

and then i found loads more visits
from this French blog

i also found a few more links to it on my site meter
and it was stumbledupon too!

this just shows the power of the internet
and how fast ideas can spread in this day and age!

so i'd like to say a BIG thank-you to anyone who has linked to my blog and my creations
it has made me feel really proud of my work
and inspired me to crack on
and make more "stuff"



Jessica Rodarte said...

It's lovely brooch. I'm thinking it would look too cute on a tote, like you said. Because of stuff like this, I want to learn how to crochet.

koralee said...

That brooch is adorable..i can sure see where all the fuss is coming it! Congratulations!

Kitschy Coo said...

Congratulations! The attention is well deserved, it's a lovely brooch! It's really fun to find links mentioning your work, isn't it? ;)

Apryl said...

the brooch and tutorial are fab, you definitly deserve all the fuss...

ahem... I'm considering making something with some doilies later today.. a cover for a tin to make a untensil pot from a small coffee tin! will let you know how it goes.

JuanitaTortilla said...

Aren't you one famous lady now?!? Congrats, woman!

Vonnie said...

It's totally deserved my love, WELL DONE!

Average Jane Crafter said...

It was my pleasure to feature the brooch on Craftzine (which I didn't even realize it was in the Flickr pool - I just picked it up from your blog in my Reader ;) It was adorable and easy to make - a perfect project.

Keep on making! :)

Rachel Hobson

Gone to Earth said...

Georgeous brooch - congratulations. Drop by my blog there's something for you :)

Elegantpaws said...

That's great, well done. Beautiful brooch!