Saturday, 24 May 2008

Miranda is home!!!

so here is my finished doll for

i couldn't decide what hair colour i liked the best so i sent a choice of wigs - to be attached with flower hair pins. With ginger hair i decided her name was Miranda and to be honest her dress looks nicer with ginger hair BUT long black hair suited her too!

{she's a goth @ heart}

Miranda looks sweet 'n' innocent but she isn't !!!

she doesn't even own a single pair of knickers!!!

i was so pleased to hear she'd arrived safely and that

juicyfig liked her . . . . phew.


KittyKat said...

I love that doll, obviously prefer the red head wig, (she vaguely looks like ME!) but she's lovely. How clever to put a removeable wig on her!

Chloe said...

Thats brilliant!
Whta a great idea for the wigs. I am most impressed.

Lindsey said...

She is SOOOOO fab! The wigs are a great idea.

Homemade by Margy said...

She looks very cute, she is a very pretty lady. And I love her ´bum´.

Apryl said...

I think the doll looks great.. and fab name too... very sex and the city! she has a lovely face, and very cool to have removable hair.

fingers crossed that this posts this time because blogger hates me and wouldn't let me leave a comment when I visted last week.

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too it really cheered me up on this dismal day.