Thursday, 30 December 2010

i won a quilt!

i got the most amazing parcel in the post today
awhile ago Katy from imagingermonkey
posted about a charity quilt raffle

it was $10 a go and i had a little in my paypal account
so i bought a chance to win a quilt
then i forgot about it
and one morning i woke up to a lovely email from Ashley
to say i'd won her quilt

how gorgeous is this eh?

i feel very very lucky
to own this quilt

the back's pretty damn good too!

and it looks great on my sofa
i'm looking forward to snuggling up under it to watch
sunday movies with my boy

thanks so much Ashley

check out Ashley's lovely blog here


Local Girl said...

It's utterly gorgeous and gone to a loving home :) xx

Ashley said...

I'm so very glad that this quilt went to such a great home! And indeed, it does look great on your couch - hope it gets tons of use!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

How lovely - what a great surprise.

Claire said...

That quilt is so pretty!