Sunday, 2 January 2011


this little wolf boy woke us up at 2.45am

he would not go back to sleep
i tried everything
i was good cop
i was bad cop
nothing worked

look at that face
can you beleive he was up so early?

we opened LOTS of presents
in front of a roaring fire
whilst the HUGE turkey cooked.
Then the family arrived
and we ate until we couldn't move!

then it was time to open MORE presents!

this was from my Uncle Geoffrey
it was his late Mother's button box

and full of treasures :)

and this massive haul of Russian dolls was from my Mum
some are singletons and some are families
the big set is HUGE!

this is my favourite set
my Mum was going to throw these out
because they are plastic!

there will be lots of new dolly pin-cushions soon!

just some photo's of my decorations :)

this light was from my Father-out-of-Law
we were very VERY naughty and opened it before Christmas
{we knew what it was - we choose it!}
but in our defence
it looked gorgeous with our decorations!

here's what i received in the crafter...oo christmas ornament swap
a chainmaille christmas tree - how cute is that eh?
plus after christmas the postman came with a lovely box of chocs from Hotel Chocolat
i felt very spoilt!
thanks Kats x

and to top off our day
my Aunt and Uncle called round
and we all watched the christmas episode of
i loved it
the 2.45am alarm clock boy was still awake
Katherine Jenkins' singing very nearly finished him off mind you!
what a long day
but a lovely one too


it was such a long day that we completely forgot to walk the dog!
we made up for it the next day
with a lovely walk in the snow at the nature reserve
it looked so beautiful there

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas
and here's to a fantastic New Year.


JuicyFig said...

Your Christmas day sounds perfect! I was kind of lamenting the fact we don't get woken up at dawn anymore - but soon got over that!!!


gtlady said...

What a wonderful Christmas, fabulous pressies too and I love your xmas decoratons, especially that chain mail one!
Our oldest was awake at 2.30AM amazingly ater much persuation he went back to bed till 7.30, love, love, love him!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful Christmas and lovely photos, I love those lights on the wall they are just perfect!
All best in the New Year!