Tuesday, 23 September 2008

i bought a new toy!!!

So last tuesday i bought myself a sizzix big shot machine - i have been trying to decide which die-cutting machine to buy for ages and finally decided on this one from here http://www.craftydevilspapercraft.co.uk/ {who turned me down as part of their design team, sob} - i LOVE it!!!

i had already bought loads of dies from fellow internet crafters and eBay so i just bought the machine , hmmmm. . . . the plan being i wouldn't need anymore dies - yeah right!

so on monday off i went to the shop and bought some halloween themed dies and texture plates and best of all a gorgeous birdy one - i made a rubber stamp from it and made this note card with it today.
{click on the photo for close up}
we also went to the beach because as i knew would happen - the kids went back to school and the weather improved!!!
It was such a gorgeous weekend i was even wearing shorts and flip-flops! Lucky for you i take all the photo's so there are never any of me - i must be the most un-photogenic person ever!!!
"hot dog"
as you can see he had a miserable time!!!
for some bizarre reason blogger is refusing to work properly so please excuse the messy look of this post - i'll try and sort it tomorrow.


Apryl said...

I'm not particularly sure what exactly a sizzix is but the end result is very pretty .. and it looks like you had a fab day at the beach... Wish we could have been there..

Jessica Rodarte said...

OOOh... I've been eyeing the Big Shot for some time... I want one. The pink and black one looks so chic. I love the notecard you made. So pretty... I think I have that die, too. I should dust it off and play with it. :) The beach looks like it was tons of fun!

Jessica Rodarte said...

I'm back! :) I've been tagged, and now I'm tagging you. Would you stop by my blog when you have a minute?