Sunday, 28 September 2008

i just opened an ETSY store!

i've only put a few items on to start with and am not sure if the P&P is realistic for overseas but hey i'll soon learn!
i need to sit down and card up a new batch of buttons and then decide which site to sell them from - i now have choices!

"patriotic buttons"

these are really gorgeous and i have already sold some of these privately.

"oil on water"

there's a link to the shop on the sidebar :0)


Izabela said...

how great! I just added your shop to my favorites, it may give you some traffic
good luck!

Apryl said...

congrats on opening an etsy store! I wish you all the best of luck selling your buttons there.. and buyting more with the profits of course.

Anonymous said...

Lots of luck, I am sure you will be a huge success! I just love your blog!