Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dawlish holiday

We've just got home from our family summer holiday in Dawlish in South Devon,
we are very lucky to get to stay for free in the father out of laws house,
last year we were really lucky and had amazingly good weather
we were not so lucky this time
but to be honest there is so much to do locally it wasn't a problem

if you click on this photo you can see a steam train coming into Dawlish

it was a bit wet but the beach huts still look pretty!

the go-carts at Dawlish Warren

i've meaning to get this design stitched up for ages
i knew the evenings would involve a fair bit of *yawn* tv
so i took along all my cross stitch gear

my son had good fun trying on all the helmets at Torquay Museums summer exhibition

my daughter with i think a Celt
the exhibition had props from loads of films including Gladiator
it's a really lovely Museum and very child friendly

my brave children going for a dip!

we had a lovely but tiring day at Paignton Zoo
six hours of walking!

finished my spool strip tease!!!

this was taken at the play area in Teignmouth
luckily Grandad warned us about the water play!
Wish our local park was as good as this one, it was really fantastic.

Wednesday was the worst weather day
forcasted torrential rain all day
so we headed off to the BIG CITY of Exeter on the train
my credit card got a battering!!!

here are my lovely new shoes
{i'm a croc addict!}
perfect for rock pooling!

'tis serious business!

my partner found these star fish
i've never found one before
they were so sweet

loved the hermit crab too!

Grandad found a fish - my son picked up loads of shell fish
it was a lovely day :)
and a lovely {if soggy} holiday
so nice to spend time together without the distrations of home.


Kitschy Coo said...

Great pics! Your embroidery spool is so cute :)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter what the weather is doing. You obviously all had a lovely time. Dawlish is one of the first places I remember spending a holiday as a child.


Unknown said...

Lovely photos from a lovely holiday. Love your little spool stiptease!

gtlady said...

What a fab holiday - (ours in west wales was also quite wet!) love your photos especially the spool striptease, fab idea - but how did you come up with a 'spool striptease'? Your mind is a scary and wonderful place!!

Janice Ashworth said...

OOOooo I love Dalish and Dalish Warren, I ove the beautiful black swans they have there and have always wanted to travel along that stretch on the railway. looks like you had a great time despite the weather x

Kitty Ballistic said...

Fabulous pics, Dawlish looks lovely. I've never been to Devon. :(

Loved the starfish and hermit crab photos - how cool to find them?! And your embroidery spool strip is fantastic, although it's a bit chilly for that sort of thing. :D

JuanitaTortilla said...

Looks like a really nice family holiday to me :)

The spool strip is quite the cutest thing!!! :) Genius.

Trekky said...

I love the spool striptease! Rock pooling is so much fun, I've never found a starfish either!

Ann said...

Just love the British seaside! Great photos and great embroidery! Love to see the finished piece.

jennifer a. king said...

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Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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