Wednesday, 10 November 2010

so sweet it makes my teeth ache!

when i found this vintage pram rattle
i just knew it would become a wreath
unfortunately i'd used my last wreath form
for the halloween one!

so i had to put my project on hold
till i could get to the craft shop

i just wish i'd bought more of this matt pastel pink tinsel last year
but i've looked everywhere i can think of to no avail :'(

So as i didn't have enough to fully cover the wreath
i wrapped the wreath ring in yarn,
tinsel and then this funky pompom garland
and finished it off with the cutest baby blue fawns
except i'm not sure it's quite finished yet?

i'm thinking red'n'white candy canes . . . . . . .

but as it is now it could be christmas or babyshower
hmmmmm . . . . . . . . to be continued!


Apryl said...

do you have any more of those little mushrooms that you tied onto the sweets you sent me? as I think little toadstool type mushrooms would look ace with the little deer!

noodleBubble said...

oooh's making my teeth ache too...Am going to have to dig the photo box out - rattle gave me funny feeling - wonder if my sis had it?


Selina said...

This would have to be one of the cutest wreaths I have ever seen! I found you through flickr from your button tree photo. I made one too and just blogged it. Such fun! Thanks for the inspiration!