Sunday, 5 June 2011

party dress for dolly!

ok so please excuse the awful photo quality
try as i might i just cannot get a decent photograph of my Blythe :(

i have finally made her a dress!
i made a tri-colour tu-tu using this cut out and keep tutorial
obviously some what scaled down :D

i made the bodice section with a piece of vintage sequined trim
i'm pretty pleased with it, very simple
but at least she is now wearing something i made her
which was the whole point of buying a doll.

oh and i have decided on a name for my doll
i am going to call her Idris after the human woman
who the soul of the TARDIS is poured into
in the Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who
when i first got her i was going to call her TARDIS
because of her amazing blue hair
but it just didn't seem right.

perhaps my mojo is returning


Unknown said...

What an amazing dress, quite fancy one myself! Love the skirt xx

Unknown said...

ooh that is cute! I love the bodice!

Annie B said...

supercool'n'cute X

Anonymous said...

so cool! my son (don't laugh anyone ;) ) has got Blythe doll, I am sure she needs a dress like that too :)

Rev Jayne said...

Hi, sorry to intrude - didn't know how else to contact you.. Please could you email me on commercialdiver at hotmail dot regarding your PATCH DOLL?? Many thanks & blessings Rev Jayne

Anonymous said...

Love that litle dress, I admire anyone that can sew such small clothes.I saw this page and totally thought you could enjoy it too. Hope you like it.

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Hey. Just to let you know that I have blogged about the hairslides. They are lovely, thanks x