Wednesday, 20 July 2011

button peppermint creams

i have been asked for a recipe for these peppermint cream buttons

to be honest it was so simple
i don't think you could count it as a recipe!

I bought a box of royal icing sugar mixed it with a little
pre-boiled warm water and some peppermint essence
to make a stiff paste
{if the paste is too wet add more sugar}

then i tried it and added more
peppermint essence to my taste

then I seperated the paste into three bowls
and mixed in some food colourings,

then i rolled out the paste and cut out the buttons
with pop {soda} bottle tops
i made the button holes
with a cotton wool bud {q-tip} with the cotton ends cut off,

then i left them to dry out in a tupperware container
turning regularly till they were dried out.

then i ate far too many of them!!!

and sent some to Kat :)

there are loads of recipes on the web for peppermint creams
but this one was so easy i didn't bother trying any of the others!


susan said...

too sweet! i will have to try these. and the button shape is adorable

Hannah said...

Oh goodness me! I would make these but I would eat far too many ;) Great idea!

Apryl said...

ace! I may have to try and make some.