Monday, 19 March 2012

here be pirates!!!

For my day job i am a childminder.
Some of the kids i mind are in the same year as my son,
their topic this half term has been pirates and
one of the girls asked if we could have a pirates day :)
Why not i thought!
for their snack i made them orange jelly pirate ships

when we got home from school
the children drew this fantastic pirate map

mermaids - treasure map - footprints
you can click on the photo's to see more details
they also did a pirate colouring sheet that i printed off from the internet
then they made compasses
we used cheese spread trinangles boxes
and used a paper fastener/brad to make a moving pointer.
I'd also gathered up kitchen & wrapping paper tubes to make moving telescopes
the tutorial said it was suitable for 6yrs+ but to be honest it was too hard
so i was in charge of telescopes!
Today the children went on a short trip to a tiny local beach/cove
i went along to help, some of the children dressed up as pirates, some of the TA's did too
here is my son all ready for his adventure!
At the beach the children had a picture treasure hunt,
next they made natural sculptures,
my son made a lovely pirate boat but unfortunately my camera doesn't show this!
For some reason whatever setting i choose it cannot cope with sun and sand!
Finally the children hunted for the lost pirates treasure
and found a treasure chest full of chocolate!
great fun!!!
"arrrrrrrr Jim Lad!"

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