Monday, 11 June 2012

first steps in world domination!

Hello sorry i've been so quiet lately but i have been planning my first steps in world domination!
I have applied and been accepted to take on a shop unit in my local market - i'm really excited and just cannot wait to get started! I take over the unit in early July so am now trying to source suitable furniture and fittings to make my shop pretty :)

Here is a link to the markets facebook page Bideford Pannier Market please go and have a look and maybe like the page if you do. There are lots of brilliant small businesses in the Market building,  potters and woodcarvers, a stained glass workshop, a sweet shop, a mini art gallery and lots of shops and stalls selling "lovely things" :)

Here is a photo of the market during the Jubilee celebrations, it was really lovely up there and there were lots of childrens craft workshops there, me and my son went to Golden-Bear-Belts amazing studio and made leather crown shaped pendants. If you have ever seen French and Saunders sketch of middle class mummys trying to do crafting with their children you will understand why Louise the owner suggested i make my own ;)

    My unit is in the main market hall and is quite a little shop - i wonder how much stuff i can squeeeeeze in to it?!

  I will be opening in early July and will be keeping you updated with developments {probably boring the pants off you} i'm sooooo excited!!!!


littlelixie said...

Hey hang on. My mater lives near Dunster. I'll be down there for a week in august. This could all be making pimms o'clock! Or at least a visit. How exciting!

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