Wednesday, 13 August 2008

buttons and stuff!

not a lot of crafting going on here - have well and truly lost my mojo :0( so thought i'd just post some random photos!!!

made this ages ago - in fact made lots of these!!!

russian doll notebook from accessorize, gorgeous birdies ribbon and buttons from my favourite fabric shop in Bude {cornwall} , i managed to resist buying any fabric 'cause i haven't used the last batch i bought from America {i'm too scared to cut it!!!} but they had red and white polka dots . . . sigh.

selection of tags i made for cardmaking. . . .

dark mother-of-pearl bracelet

my special m.o.p. buttons!

errr . . . . weirdo kids!!! ha ha ha


Unknown said...

those kids are a bit funny looking, have you thought of taking them to the doctors? I think they might be ill.

I got very giddy looking at the tags - I get very giddy looking at your tags a lot (as you know), and those buttons too.

April said...

seriously cute notebook - I must get me one of those!

April xx

Apryl said...

love the notebook... i'm so not allowed in accesorize though... I want everythign in there..

I seem to have packed my mojo up.. no time for crafting anyway.