Wednesday, 27 August 2008

just a little teaser for the "fairytale swap"

the deadline is "dead close" now but i'm still not finished - that seems to just be the way i work - give me a deadline and i work right up against it !

I have really enjoyed this theme BUT am finding it soooo hard to stay away from the "dark side" as my partner is the "light and fluffy type" {in her own words}!

i'm a bit into making packaging at the moment too
here is a mini envelope for this set of very cute vintage ladybird buttons

" oooohh give us a kiss!!"


Jessica Rodarte said...

cu-u-te! i think i see where this is going! :) we'll see in a few days. I have to work on mine, too... right up to the deadline like you said. :) ha ha. I LOVE the envelope and buttons. hugs!

Annie B said...

love your packaging (as usual) and that swap thingy looks fab - can't wait to see it in all its glory

Sam Gillespie said...

love those ladybird buttons & envelope! :D