Saturday, 1 November 2008

cupcake swap goodies!

ooh - look at all my goodies!
this is what i received from Alex - a lovely cupcake applique picture - a ceramic cupcake - a cute drawstring bag in cupcake fabric and an applique cupcake card - all very lovely - thanks Alex :0)

and pictured below is what i sent {late} to Alex - sorry about the photo's in this post - can you believe it was too sunny? The colours are so wrong in them but what can you do!

i love the little chimp in this picture so i had to use it - kinda an apology for my lateness in posting!

this little cabinet below has been beckoning to me every single time i walked past the shop window - i'd managed to resist it because it was just so damn expensive - the shop is closing down and everything was 30% off but everytime i walked past the shop was closed so i couldn't buy it - so when i walked past today the owner was packing up the shop into a van and the frame was sitting on the counter i walked past still resisting but on my way back past i could bear it no longer so i went to the door and asked if i could buy it - i got it for less than half the original price - i didn't even have to haggle!! yeah ! I'm going to keep all my creepy little dollies in it and they won't get dusty cause they'll be locked in behind glass -ha ha ha!

see how creepy they are - they are MOVING in this one - eeekkkKK.

{click on the photo}

maybe they didn't like my shining a torch in their faces!


Apryl said...

fab cupcake swap goodies all around.. and I LOVE that cabinet.. even if i'm a bit scared of the evil dolls in it! *wink*

Peechy said...

scared of the dollies too, but a fabby bargain:o)

love mabel too.

Annie B said...

ooooh, love that cabinet. lucky you!

great cupcake love going around too...