Saturday, 29 November 2008

nice cup of tea?

last night i made this felt brooch for my Auntie Jane's birthday - she is a tea addict!
i was completely inspired by cute designs
who makes super cute felt brooches and crochet creatures.
photo in natural light

photo in artificial light

look at these nice buttons - i found them in the ELC for 80p !!

some new girls

this set is little, she stands at just under 3"

unusual colouring and pattern too.

They will live in my new cabinet.

don't know what's up with blogger but it has refused to let me tidy up this post - grrrr


Apryl said...

love the little brooch its adorable!

Miaou said...

Oooh what a fab brooch! I just love the tag and wording on it too!