Monday, 26 January 2009

meridian ariel

look what came in the post for me!

my lovely friend meridian ariel sent me this beautiful microwavable lavender scented rice bag & a super cute bookmark both made with gorgeous japanese fabrics

and a sweet handmade matryoshka card

even the jiffy bag it came in was lovely
and decorated with "the button thief" - my favourite of Meri's illustrations

meri has a blog here
and an etsy shop of the same name
{for some strange reason today i keep losing this post and can't add links?}

**** tHaNk-YoU mEriDiAn you are a star! ****

yeah yeah another felt brooch
i'm sure you're all bored of them now but i sold this one and just wanted to show of the packaging!
Thank-you to Katy who bought it!

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Apryl said...

aw bless... thank you.. so glad you like the warm bag and the little bookmark... I made the little card while sitting sipping a coffee in town before taking the parcel off to the post office.. I must do that more often... even if people look at me and think I'm wierd sitting there sewing a card.

congrats on the brooch sale! I wish I was brave enough to sell some sewing but all I have made are ornaments and rice bags..

etsy is down and twitter is being wierd...