Sunday, 25 October 2009

80's fantasy movie craft swap - sent.

so i finally sent out my 80's Fantasy Movie swap to Carmen from

i was so excited to do this swap and even happier when i discovered that
Carmen's favourite movie was the Labyrinth {same as me}
and then the dreaded loss of mojo happened
i had so many ideas whirling around the maze of my mind but i couldn't settle on anything
i'd had an idea to make a needle-felted poisoned peach but didn't have the supplies
in the end i decided on a set of cards and a brooch

i got busy with glitter and vintage book vandalism
to embellish these images from the film

i also made a kilt-pin brooch with a small needle felted peach
- a dangling turquoise bead as this is a stone linked to friendship -
- a mother of pearl disc with the word "wish" -
- a diamonte tear drop -
- a heart charm - some clock hands -
- and a tiny black key -


then i posted it out half expecting it to take a week to arrive
due to the postal strikes and was amazed when it arrived two days later
yay for the Royal Mail !
and even better Carmen liked her gifts - phew!

i'm going to take a break from craft swaps - i'm getting really bad at hitting my deadlines
and i felt terribly guilty about being late this time
my saving grace was Carmen also being behind schedule.


Unknown said...

Amazing swap items, this is been such a cool swap to take part in. :)Glad you got your crafting mojo back. I hope it doesnt go on 'holiday' again. :)

Kitschy Coo said...

Great stuff! We were late too :)

Apryl said...

lovely things.. I don't know if I like the cards or the brooch more.. especially with that wee felted peach its lovely.. you are so very talented and so glad you liked doing the swap even if you were late with it... as Kistchy says we were late too!

Vonnie said...

Lovely work!

(I'm late too. Still haven't finished and sent mine...)

Raquel said...

Cute job!
I love Laberynth, too. :)

Kitty Ballistic said...

Great swap items! I'm with Apryl, I can't decide between the cards or the brooch. I'm sure Carmen didn't mind waiting for such lovely items.

Carmen Wing said...

Didn't mind at all and I'm more than a bit behind... I just hope I can match up to what you sent me. No-one and I mean NO-ONE is getting those cards - honestly, the pictures don't do them justice, I'm framing them. My daughter keeps trying to pinch the brooche, no chance ;)

Isn't it funny how we all focused on similar items? I wont say what yet ;)

I said the same about you and swaps and guess what? The last 2 days I signed up to two christmas ones - these are more an exchanging of stash though..Even I can't be late with that.

Thank you again Megan :)