Sunday, 4 October 2009

my daughter hits fifteen!

my lovely daughter was fifteen years old yesterday
her and her friends went to a dinner party
hosted by her Dad on the eve of her birthday.

*They came here after school to get ready to go out
the house was full of music {you call that music} and giggling
and the sweet smell {stench} of hairspray and impulse
and the slight singey smell of the straightners/curling tongs!*

the photo shows her all dolled up and ready to go out!

i'm so glad i knew where they were and that they were safe
only a few more years and they will be celebrating at the pub
now that is really scary!


* just practising my middle aged-ness and i managed not to even mention the fact they'd catch their deaths of cold dressed like that *


Suzanne Vaughan said...

Time flies doesn't it. Hope she hada fab time.

Izabela said...

oh, she is a lovely girl, my daughter soon will be that age and I don't know what to do now but later? OMG!

Craft Matters said...

That's lovely! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

My boys are 6 next month and can't believe that it's 6 years since they arrived..

Leah said...

She's beautiful.

My DS was 16 in July and he's mostly the same - mad about clothes and shoes, straighteners, hair dye and Lynx. I'm afraid to say he's already got to the drinking stage!!