Thursday, 19 June 2008

father's day

cupcakes {no bunting}

photo taken AGES ago {will try and find a newer one}

that's better - Kos 2007

in my opinion father's day is just a made up by the card companys BUT i would feel bad if i ignored it and Nate had made cards @ pre-school! So we made some cakes very very chocolate-y and we bought some sweeties and then i accidently bought his favourite episode of Dr.Who {blink} on dvd !!!

when Nate brought up his card{s} and present in the morning it was so sweet how he explained the artwork on the cards it brought a lump to my throught - he really is a sweetheart - anyway enough sentimentality, i don't want to sound all cupcake/bunting !!!


Hells said...

PMSL at (no) bunting!! They look like yummy cupcakes.

Annie B said...

gosh nice looking cupcakes Ms. Bunting


Miaou said...

mmmmm, I can practically taste that butter icing ... slurp