Saturday, 28 June 2008

Russian doll swap

i finished my russian doll swap and have posted it off
i just hope my partner likes it !!

this is the name of her blog
{{hmm link doesn't work?! see side bar for link!!}}

i couldn't seem to get good pictures this time - the colours are truer in this one.

close up {excuse the weird stitching lets pretend it's decorative!!}


Chloe said...

Thats fab!
Very lovely looking russian doll it is too.

Annie B said...

wow, wow and, em, WOW! gorgeous

Apryl said...

thats totally fab.. and your stitching is georgeous! and especially great because its a bag... you know that would be a good idea for a swap.. a bag swap... I can't sew one but I could decorate one.. *cogs start turning*

Miaou said...

That is gorgeous! Really brilliant. I am working on an applique design at the moment and no way is my stitching that neat ... !!!

Unknown said...

flippin heck that's good. I wish I had just kept everyone for myself and not given out partners!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I think that swap is amazing! Really lovely!

April said...

OH Megan!!!

She arrived today and I love her - she is totally gorgeous!

Thank you so much

April xx

Unknown said...

Stunning, love the colour combo too.
Great idea to put the doll on a bag.