Thursday, 5 June 2008

new toadstool!!

mmmmm........i think i have a new obsession! Not in slightest realistic this time but i wanted to try out a new shape and had loads of this purple felt that i'd been given - i actually love these colours together {with jade too} .


JuicyFig said...

brilliant! there are loads of purple toadstools in nature! - just don't eat them! hehehe

my toadstool has gone to canada - and the one from canada was sent a fortnight ago, and hasn't arrived yet... boohoo!!!


Unknown said...

fabulous purple toadstool!!! You are getting addicted, arent you?

Hells said...

Oooh I like that. Great Shape.

josla said...

i love the little toadstools! and i have to say, Miranda is just gorgeous, juicyfig is very lucky to have her!