Sunday, 28 December 2008

merry christmas and a happily crafty new year!

sizzix dictionary snowflakes

we had a lovely Christmas break - i hope you all did too - just posting a few festive photo's today - my computer has come back from the brink of doom i thought i was going to lose it and everything on it - scary - there are still some things i can't get back to normal including FLICKR which is driving me crazy as i have christmas money to go "pro" and stacks of photo's to upload.

do you see these gorgeous vintage glass baubles?

i begged my mum to lend them to me
i lovingly hung them on my tree
they look beautiful .

do you see my mum's other lovely vintage glass baubles?

my loving partner decided i was taking too long putting up the christmas decorations

he decided to put them away

at the same time as he was carrying lots of other things

we have a tiled hallway

guess what?

they don't bounce


lucky for him i was looking after pre-schoolers that day

but i nearly cried

and i haven't told my mum yet

yep - i live with DR WHO

i spent the time left between cooking dinner, eating sweets and unwrapping presents

making this adipose felt brooch for my Mum

here's me and DR WHO out for a walk on christmas day walking off our HUGE dinner!


Hannah said...

I have some vintage baubles like that but I didn't put them on the tree because of a certain kitten thinking its OK to climb it, I hate it when they break, maybe you could make her something to try and make up for it? That brooch is really cute I'm glad you had a good Christmas and hope you have a good new year xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh no! How heartbreaking, I'm so sorry about your Mum's baubles.

Your son is extremely cute :)

Apryl said...

sorry about the baubles.. but what a fantastic brooch and a very dapper Dr.

Jessica Rodarte said...

love your festive pictures <3 and i love being able to put a face with the lovely blogs i read :o) hope you had a very merry xmas, and a cheerful new year!

Amy said...

sorry to hear about the baubles. Dr. Who is a pretty cute guy!

kelinci said...

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