Sunday, 14 December 2008

vote vote vote!!!

ooohhh look my vintage button christmas tree got featured on Shirley at BeadBag's blog
Shirley's blog is really interesting and full of colour and inspiration

it's well worth a look

i entered my christmas tree in the craftjuice christmas competition and it is doing really well

BUT i need more votes!

so if you love it please vote for it !

the competition runs intil the 19th of December

but look here
there are loads of other really great entries in the competition

here are my favourites - in no particular order!

pennydog's glittery fawn

claire p's fat robin!

majito's cute angels

_o1keeshagirls gorgeous porcelain angels

leah's winning stockings from the crafter...oo competition

and Jezzabell's soft and snuggly mittens

so get voting people!



Chloe said...

What a lovely tree it is too.
You may want to try and edit your link. It didn't work when I clicked on it.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

thanks chloe - all fixed now!

Gone to Earth said...

That button tree of yours is inspired. I've 'done' my voting. hope it helps. And I loved Jezzabels snugglies and that little fat robin too.

Leah said...

Thank you for including me as a favourite of yours. xx