Saturday, 22 May 2010

lovely post :o)

ooh look what the postman brought me
a lovely parcel all wrapped up in pattern paper and brown string

pretty things inside the envelope
i've been lusting after that matryoshka fabric for ages!
{click on the photo's for bigger views}
love the vintage pattern/button card

ooh ooh my own "button thief"
i love this picture

altogether now

a personalised starbucks coffee mug

and some very mod buttons AND a layered button pendant
WOW what a cheery start to the day
a lovely parcel for no reason but much appreciated
thank-you so much Apryl

check out Apryl's lovely crafty and baked treasures
on her blog


Apryl said...

glad it brightened your day... I may need to snag the photos to blog as my little camera is broken. *sobs*


JuicyFig said...

Lovely parcel - love the button thief - how sweet!


Lizzi said... the button thief. I have one of the red white and blue buttons in my button jar!

Ann said...

Love the button thief too - I'd love to try a version myself. What a lovely parcel - it would make my YEAR!

Izabela said...

that is a lovely parcel, it would brighten my day completely!
enjoy it well ;)

RR said...

oh my i love that swap


Suzanne Vaughan said...

Ooh, you lucky thing! What a fab parcel.