Saturday, 15 May 2010

my best friends wedding . . . . .

As per usual i was totally disorganised and started on this the night before their wedding,
they had the nicest, low-key and laid back wedding EVER
they wanted no fuss - just their friends to come and enjoy their day
they were not in it for the presents. . . . . .

Lisa is my very best friend
we met twenty years ago
when we both worked here
she was there for me through good times and bad
she was like an extra parent to my daughter for her first five years
and if you can't make something to celebrate your BFF's wedding . . . .

french knots
i can do them at last!
it's only taken me twenty odd years of trying
and now i know how there is no stopping me!

the photo's aren't great
but i gave it to them now so it's too late to take more

Lisa and Sam
Mr & Mrs
wow does that mean you're grown ups now?


to make this little sampler i used a vintage embroidered doily,
i drew on a heart with water erasable pen but it was really old so seemed to be fading as i worked!
i worked the hearts outline with chainstitch and filled it with french knots

i used the full 6strands of cotton so i got a very raised heart
then i added the date and names
i would've prefered to have marked them out too as there was no room
for correction as the floss marked the fabric if i unpicked a stitch
so i had to embrace freehand
i actually really like the more hand written effect
i finished the hoop using my tutorial
i used black cotton velvet and some sweet little heart buttons.

{the doily had a cotton lace edging which i was going
to leave showing but it was a bit too kitsch tbh}


Kitschy Coo said...

That's really beautiful, they must be delighted with it :) Well done on the French knots too, they look divine!

toady said...

That is lovely and so much more personal than a toaster. I 'm sure they will cherish it.

Unknown said...

wow you have achieved that in a night? Well done its a lovely gift that from your description of them would suit them perfectly. :)

Suzanne Vaughan said...

You are really talented. What a lovely gift to give your friends - they will treasure it forever x

Craft Matters said...

That is gorgeous. What a wonderful present.

Bigbluebed said...

It is beautiful and I think your friend must have loved it.

i have a french knot problem too. I always have to look at instructions but then completely forget afterwards.

Ann said...

Oh lovely! Something your friends will definitely treasure. You sound just like me - I can never get down to completing gifts until the night before! ;o) Must be something to do with needing the pressure to get me going! I've a lap blanket to finish for Tuesday..... and here I am blog hopping!

gtlady said...

Oh vV, that is just beautiful, really beautiful x

joven said...

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