Thursday, 20 May 2010

not much of anything

I've not got a lot of craftiness to blog this week
i have been busy drafting more cross stitch patterns
but have nothing much stitched up to show off

accidentally arty photo of us in his sunglass lenses!

i bought some new fishing nets and as it was a lovely sunny day
we went and tested them out at the rockpools
if you look very very VERY close in this bucket you'll see what we caught!

oh i do love to live beside the seaside :o)

I bought a couple of tiny hoops and a booklet of embroidery stitches on eBay
and used a scrap from a vintage table runner i'd upcyled
to try out a few different techniques and colours

why do i do my best work on scraps of fabric
that i meant to just doodle on ??!!!!


toady said...

Lovely neat stitching!!

Take a house point!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I saw this on Folksy (I think) and thought then how lovely it was!

Ann said...

Love these doodles! And your sunglasses photo is definitely one for the family album - its great.

wilbs said...

stunning selection of colours & very neat stitches. gorgeous.


gtlady said...

I love those colours together!

Julia-Rose said...

Aah I totally know what you mean :( Those stitches really are beautiful!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Beautiful stitching - love those colours together.

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