Thursday, 2 February 2017

Introducing: Magpie's Nest Crafty Kits

So here i am again as promised!
I have been having great fun in my workshop chopping up my precious textile stash! I have made up some craft kits for you to get creative with, there are no instructions included but there is plenty of inspiration out there and free tutorials on places such as Pinterest in fact i have created a board especially dedicated to the art of Slow Stitching check it out here

 Here is a little teaser of the lucky dip goody bags i have made up for the Slow Stitching Workshop we are holding in March.
 These bags are great for people who don't have a stash of vintage textiles or those who are scared of getting scissor happy with their treasured linens! I've been brave and chopped up wool blankets, embroidered cloths, antimacassars and more.
 Any Lucky bags left over after the class will be available to buy from the shop, by mail order or from my Etsy shop after the class. Of course the best way to obtain one would be to come along to the class and get one as part of the workshop fee 

Places are selling fast on this class so if you want to come along, please get in touch via my facebook page, follow the link above.

                        slow stitching - brooch making kit #1 

 This sweet little kit is stuffed full of textile treasure, there are vintage wool blanket pieces, cotton lace and fabric scraps, vintage mother of pearl buttons and two new brooch backs, charms and embroidery thread and more. Contents do vary a little from kit to kit and they contain vintage items which will show signs of age and wear, which of course add to their charm. These little packs are priced at £10 and are available via my facebook page or from my Etsy shop.

     After our fantastic Dorset Button style brooch class we had in the workshop last month, i have made up some little bags of Dorset button making supplies, each little bag contains half a dozen vintage  lightweight brass rings, half a dozen brass coloured safety pins and half a dozen felt circles. 

here are the brooches that were made at last months workshop, we had a lovely three hours making these and a sweet origami box to put them in too.

   Here is the link to a tutorial for traditional Dorset Buttons that i have tried and tested 
of course there are many other tutorials out there, go have fun with google or pinterest.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about the classes and new kits i have been making, more to follow soon, thank-you for reading :)