Sunday, 19 February 2017

Magpie's Nest Workshops continued . . . & . . . Benton's Menagerie

Carrying on from my previous post . . . . 

After the success of the crochet lessons, I put a call out for craft teachers, looking for people who would be interested in teaching classes in my workshop and luckily for me a very lovely lady called Tracey Benton got in touch - Tracey is a needlefelting wizard and makes the most gorgeous little creatures, have a look at her Facebook page

 here she is at the head of the table.

This was the first needlefelting lesson that Tracey taught at the shop, it sold out very quickly and we welcomed six lovely ladies {some of whom had come to the crochet lessons} to make a sweet little bird, the one below was made by Sarah, pretty gorgeous eh?

Many more needlefelting workshops have followed,
 all taught by the lovely Tracey,

foxes and more!

Tracey has also taught a couple of full day workshops, which have introduced more advanced techniques and armatures, we have had sheep and moon gazing hares. 

Here is one of Tracey's little creatures, a delightfully plump robin gazing out of the workshop window.

  The first class Tracey taught was in March 2016 and not long after she took a unit in the Market Hall but after finding that it didn't quite suit her needs, I offered for her to come and share my unit. For someone who doesn't normally play nicely with others I think this has worked out very well for us with her having her own little workshop upstairs and use of my workshop downstairs when i'm not there. 
   Tracey has been a very good influence on me, she is a proper business lady and has a mind bursting with plans and schemes, it is quite infectious and I have been very busy scheming alongside her with new business ventures and plans for the business. She also has a very naughty sense of humour which makes her classes great fun and sharing my workshop full of fun and laughs. I'm looking forward to lots more classes with Tracey this year, more needlefelting of course but also some brand new crafts to The Magpie's Nest including wet felting and beginners knitting.


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