Monday, 27 March 2017

Embroidery workshop with Heather Everitt

This Saturday was the long awaited workshop with Heather Everitt, this workshop sold out within 48 hours of it's release on the Facebook page! Sometimes I really wish my workshop was a tiny bit bigger {who am I kidding I'd like it twice the size} so that I could accommodate everyone who wanted to come to my classes but never fear Heather has agreed to come along very soon to teach another lesson.

It was a lovely relaxed lesson, with a really lovely group of ladies who had all come along to different classes before including our youngest student who was only twelve years young, she was an absolute star and actually finished first and what an amazing job she did too. 
Here is her lovely Blue Tit embroidery below,

At the workshop we learned how to use Bondaweb to apply silk fabrics to the denim base and then we embroidered on top of the applique, such an effective technique. 

Here are most of the blue tits at the end of the session, one had to fly the nest early, aren't they just so lovely?

Here are a few photo's of my Blue Tit in progress, 

Here he is at the end of my session, what with tea making and cake serving duties, serving customers and a visit from my friend Barb who brought some samples in for a brand new workshop coming soon the poor little chap is barely feathered!!!

that's better he's even gained some legs!

and finally finished!
 I'm so pleased with how he has turned out and I'm really looking forward to our next workshop with Heather.

Check out Heather's beautiful work on her Facebook page

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