Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slow Stitching Workshop

So the day of our first slow stitching workshop finally arrived, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I plan and arrange workshops several months in advance so there have been weeks of anticipation for this class. I prepped the goody bags nearly two months ago and they've been in the workshop waiting area that whole time all sewn up so I couldn't faff about changing my mind about the contents!

Last year a lovely and very talented friend came and taught some dressmaking lessons in the shop. Anna previously worked in costume design in television and film, she now designs and makes beautiful wedding dresses from home. I asked if she would be interested in teaching some hand sewing classes, partly due to studio buddy Tracey wanting to try her hand at quilting and me wanting to get back into embroidery, happily she said yes, so we have devised a series of hand stitching classes, slow stitching, English paper piecing and we will also be doing a make do and mend class. 
I worried Slow Stitching would be a hard class to sell, because there was no definite end product, no hard and fast rules and no real structure, but I was silly to worry the class sold out and if I had the room I could sold more places!

 With the workshop prepped and ready for action, the lucky dip bags lined up and ready for distribution, I got the kettle on and waited for the lovely ladies to arrive. Once everyone was settled in with a cuppa in hand, we chatted about the principles of slow stitching and Anna showed us some of her beautiful antique embroidered textiles and some lovely ethnic hand stitched pieces to inspire us. Then we all chose a goody bag, ripped 'em open and got stuck in!

 In each bag there was a selection of vintage textiles, including blanket pieces, napkins, hankies,doilies, pieces of antimacassar and embroidered tablecloth, mother of pearl buttons, cotton trim, embroidery transfers and needles and pins.

 After a little experimenting with layouts and some snipping and transfer ironing we got stuck in to some stitching,lots of chatting and more tea drinking and of course cake eating. Anna gave us gentle guidance and encouragement and some embroidery stitch tuition through the session.

The end result was lots of lovely slow stitchery, several wall hangings, a textile postcard and some really sweet little blankety animal brooches. Most people still had a fair amount left in their goody bags to use for future projects. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress in their projects but of course no pressure to finish that is the point after all, keeping it slow!

This was how my project looked at the end of the session, I am obviously a super slow stitcher as I had hardly barely got anywhere before the three hours was up, I'm going to blame the tea making/cake serving duties, it couldn't possibly been too much chatter 😁

Here it is after a little more quiet stitching in the workshop on Saturday

I really enjoyed this workshop it was a lovely gathering of ladies and a really relaxing class. It was also really nice to continue the project the next day, i think i will be picking up this project and adding to it for weeks to come.
I hope you enjoyed reading all about the Slow Stitching Workshop, there are a few goody bags available to buy so you can have a go at slow stitching at home, get in touch with my facebook page The MaGpiE's Nest for details.If you are local we also have a monthly slow stitching club starting in April.


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