Sunday, 5 March 2017

Whimsical Witchery

  Never being one to stick to one "craft" at a time, in recent months I have being making a selection of products which  I have chosen to call "Whimsical Witchery"*

I started off by making little charm bottles containing crystals and herbs that I gathered together - the jars are for lots of different things - luck, love or protection for example. These little charms can be worn as a necklace, kept under your pillow, carried in a pocket and of course opened up and the contents held in your hand. I have always loved crystals and also tiny bottles and jars so making these little charms was a lot of fun for me.

Having had so much fun making the charm jars and doing a lot of research into the crystals and herbs I became very interested in Wiccan practices and read about modern witchcraft, of course when we think about witchcraft we think of ugly old crones in pointy black hats but in truth Wicca is about living in peace and harmony with the natural world drawing good things from the Earth and all it's wonders, it is not about casting hexes and making mischief but about healing and helping yourself and others. 
     I made some little tins full of whimsical witchery, they contain a number of ingredients relating to a subject, this little tin is all about LOVE, there are crystals for love and herbs for love, there is also jar of salt which is widely used in witchcraft to cleanse an area before you cast spells amongst other things, also there are candles to burn whilst focusing on the love you are looking for be that self love, to attract love to you or perhaps to maintain and encourage the love of your partner. Also included are some little bags to use in making charms, you can carry charms in your pocket or place them under your pillow.

The next tin was made with protection in mind, there are many ways in which we may feel we need protecting, sometimes from other people and sometimes from ourselves. 

This tin contains a jar of crystals for protection, a jar of herbs that offer protection and a jar of salt, there is also a charcoal disc to burn the herbs as incense, little bags for making charms or mojo bags and red candle to perform a protection spell. I have really enjoyed learning about the plants and herbs and crystals and all their uses and qualities, it has been really fascinating and I look at the world in a different way now and take time to open my eyes and see the beauty of the world around me.


My best sellers in this range are my willow pentagrams, I make these five point stars and decorate each crossing point with crystals and botanicals that offer protection, these are pretty stars to hang in the house and also have a sprinkle of glitter just for fun.

My daughter sells my range of "Whimsical Witchery" in her beautiful shop Earth & Heaven in Bideford, North Devon.

Interestingly one of my home towns many claims to fame is that the last witches to be executed in England were townswomen of Bideford, Temperance Lloyd, Susanna Edwards and Mary Trembles were hanged on August, 25th in 1682.

*they are purely whimsical I do not claim to be a witch {whatever other people say about me} nor do I claim them to be effectual. The contents of my products are not to be consumed or smoked.