Sunday, 6 December 2009

Suffolk puff and singed flower brooch

i made this brooch as a birthday present for my Aunty Jane
it is made from some textured silk that was left over from bridesmaid dresses
some recycled netting and two different silky/satin fabrics

continuing with my suffolk puff obsession i made two puffs
added a vintage dark mother-of-pearl shanked button
and then cut differing sizes of net and fabrics singing the synthetics
but leaving the silk rough edged

i then sewed them altogether and added a brooch pin.
i hope she likes it,
i feel bad as it is a week since her birthday
but i've still not got it together
to see her or get her gift to her

it has been a busy and difficult week and this week i think will be busy too but hopefully less difficult,
it is the boys birthday on Tuesday and i have no idea how those five years went so very quickly.
Right i'm off to soft play hell for his party, where's the nurofen?


Addison said...

I think she'll love it! It's beautiful and definitely worth the wait :)

Vonnie said...

vV I LOVE this! Beautiful work, I bet she'll adore it. I've been eyeing up the singeing technique but I'm terrified of setting myself/the house on fire ;)

Aalina Eden said...

This is really nice work done by you i apriciate you for this post

Vintage Brooches

Gone to Earth said...

I can just see it on a coat lapel or party dress. Inspired! She'll love it.

Emily S. said...

This is Emily, from the 12Days Blog you found today. :)

First, THANK YOU for coming by. I hope you didn't mind the linky! I loved your flowers and was so inspired by them!

Second, I LOVE this new version! It is GORGEOUS, the color, the layers, the "lush stacked look" you mentioned... AMAZING! :)

Third, I hope all is well. You sound stressed... Sending happy thoughts your way, from one creative gal to another. Hang in there!

-Emily, "Emily's Little World"

Yvonne Randall said...

Wow. your work is fabulous. The colour combination is wonderful.