Sunday, 27 December 2009

the wolf suit

{this is the polite version of what was muttered repeatedly during the making of this suit!}

well it was a real labour of love
but thanks to advice from crafter...oo and twitter friends and my partner gently pushing me along
i got the wished for wolf suit finished at midnight on Christmas eve!

i ended up making a wolf ears headband
rather than a hood

{but i will make a hood sometime}

the boy with his other wished for item
a laser gun
{which is very annoying and loud}
the suit is a bit on the big side but it'll last a few years!
I'm really pleased that i made it
and got it finished in time

because he was so pleased with it :0)

a wolf's tale!

i've added a video too :0)
{excuse my mad dog killing a teletubby in the background!}


Apryl said...

fan-furry-tastic... it looks absoloutly amazing... well done you!

Hells said...

I love it love it love it!!! Also killing myself laughing at mad dog attacking tellytubbie (good luck to him!!) Clever clever you. I would have just about managed the ears...

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