Thursday, 17 December 2009

vintage haberdashery wreath

i decided to make a haberdashery themed wreath

with some of my "stash"

i got the idea for it when i was playing with
these stitch counters

i used an embroidery hoop as the base

the red buttons are large '60's coat buttons with a brass loop shank which i fastened between
the two hoops

i then wrapped the tinsel around the hoop and
threaded the large bakelite needles through the tinsel

and skewered the ball of wool

i made two tape measure rosettes which i tied on

and then wired on two pairs of vintage scissors

i wired the stitch markers threaded
onto a plastic crochet hook

to the top of the wreath and added a yarn loop.

i'm really pleased with it :0)


gtlady said...

Yet again another amazing creation - do you sleep???
It is truely fantastic, and I now want to go through your stash!!

Unknown said...

Love it. Kx

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's amazing!


Laurie said...

How wonderful! And your button tree at the top of the page is beyond gorgeous!

Sam Gillespie said...

love it ... the stitch markers are such a great idea! x

JuanitaTortilla said...

That is so clever! So you!

toady said...

That is inspired!!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Wow, youv'e got my Knitting Nancy on your header, GENIUS!

I adore your Hab wreath, lovely so glad I found you!

Merry Christmas,

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I love how you have got the significant December dates (25th and 31st) in the centre of your tape measure rosettes! Was that deliberate or really good luck?

andrea creates said...

Found your blog via buttonfloozies~I've just gotta say (again), I love this wreath :)

Alexandra said...

that looks it! xx

Linda said...

That is genius! Just gorgeous!

Banuca said...

What a great idea for knitters. Thanks for sharing. I'll give a link at my blog because I want to show this to my blogger friends.xx

Craft Matters said...

Utterly brilliant!

Rose fr said...

While we are in search of really new ideas, this sure is a 'never seen before' wreath!