Thursday, 3 December 2009

a suffolk puff ball

so i've gotten totally addicted to making
Suffolk puffs!

there's something really satisfying about sitting in front of the tv sewing and watching the little pile of puffs mount up!

i've been looking to make something new for christmas and bought a bag of large baubles from the charity shop the other day, i was going to glue buttons on to them but i couldn't get them quite how i wanted, so whilst sewing puffs i thought ooh i could cover the baubles with these

so i did!

really bad light for photo's right now

i sewed the puffs on to the bauble which was very
time consuming
glue would be quicker but i hate glue!

not very christmassy colours

but i really like it :0)

when i had the idea i really thought i was being original
then whilst blog hopping i found this photo on flickr

and remembered that i'd seen it before and this ladies lovely blog

it's not so easy being an original crafter!
things tend to lodge in your mind
and if you're like me you forget where you found your inspiration!

check out Ruth's lovely etsy shop too


Gemma said...

Me likey!!

Craft Matters said...

That is smashing.
And I totally kwym about thinking you've come up with an original idea and then realising you've seen it before!

Suzanne Lake - made from my heart said...

these are great! would love to see some in christmassy fabrics too! great idea!

Sam Gillespie said...

beautiful! I've been playing with buttons and styrene balls today ... was going to steal your idea with the pins (like your tree last year), but I wanted Em to make one so we used dbl sided tape instead!
... they don't look great, lol

JuanitaTortilla said...

Very pretty! No, it really isn't easy being an original crafter... But you've had a few original creative sparks here and there!

salty pebble said...

i love your craft blog! really enjoyed finding it and reading all the posts- i think ive been sitting here for nearly two hours!
lovely crafts!;0)

gtlady said...

Wow - love it, absolutly gorgeous! As to the original ideas thing - i'm sure if we all researched thoughly EVERYTHING has been done before!

Pinwheel said...

I too sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as an original idea anymore! LOL

In August 2009 I posted my tutorial for a yo yo covered ball ornament. I called mine a YoYo Pomander.