Monday, 26 April 2010

business cards :o)

i got a pack of 50 business cards using my own images just for the price of postage
you could choose 50 different designs if you wanted but i narrowed it down to about 20
these are some of my favourites :o)
because they were "free" they had a strip of advertising on them
so i trimmed it off and also rounded off the corners

i had meant to order the mini sized ones to fit in my new button box but must've ticked the wrong box but hey ho these fit perfectly in an Altoids tin !

they make me feel like a proper grown-up
"ooh let me give you my business card"

oh by the way they were from
super easy to order and edit
fast delivery
and they came with a 10% discount code
although i think the free for postage offer is still on


Jen Walshaw said...

I never thought about trimming the edge to take off the advertising- very cool indeed

MitziMakes said...

ooh i like!! must see if that deal is still on! thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

they look fab, love the images you have chosen well :)

JuicyFig said...

they look really good!
Tried to do my own in the past, but couldn't get the damn tings to align when printing them off, so the top two on the sheet would be perfect, and they would gradually slide down the page from there...


Unknown said...

those are really cute, we ordered ours from too, great stuff.


Kitty Ballistic said...

look great - you must have very high quality images.

Miaou said...

Mmmmm, lovely!

Megan said...

these cards are worth "growing up" for.

Elli Om said...

OMG! What's cute, simply at great idea!!!!

Keli said...

very nice!!

Unknown said...

Those cards are amazing. I'm trying to do an order myself but am stuck with the imagery. I like some of the ones they have but I really want my own look but I don't know what that is. If I just use one image I might get bored with it, but then again I want to use them as swing tags so I could use with a consistent look. I love your photos totally... Really creative and vintage looking.

Btw, what is the font you have used on your header, or is it really a stamp... I so want to get it if it's a font.

Emma x

Hank hendricks said...

Like the images you have chosen well..very cool indeed.Order Business Cards.