Tuesday, 20 April 2010

pin cushion swap - received

here's what i received in my latest swap
my partner was Jenny - who has just had a baby :o)
check out her blog here

some really cute tiny hanging signs and a house button


the pincushion -
it is made of felt and very bright
i couldn't lose this one
not even in my mess of a workdesk!

cute basket shaped card of needles

and some lovely fabric - with a very vintage vibe :o)

thanks again Jenny for getting my parcel to me against the odds!
{read her blog to find out
what's been happening in her world}

and thanks to the lovely Claire.P for organising the pincushion swap :o)


JuicyFig said...

I'm gutted I missed this swap - I LOVE SWAPS and that is such a lovely parcell you received!


Unknown said...

Lovely goodies you got there vV. And wow thats one bright pin cushion!!

Glamglass said...

Cute!! Great goodies there!! ;-))

Anonymous said...

Haha, if you're like me, you CAN still lose it! I have a bright pink tape measure that I absolutely adore, but a few weeks ago it simply went missing. Mind you, I live in a room in a student residence, so not that many places it could be! I had looked everywhere for it and sadly given up, still perplexed about where I could've lost it (as you can imagine, I don't normally carry it around the city with me). And then, yesterday, I spotted it by chance at the top of my wardrobe! Still a mystery how it got there...