Thursday, 15 April 2010

the kindness of {virtual} strangers



yes it's a Habitat button box
just the right size for mini moo cards!

sent to me by the lovely Eirlys
who i only know virtually
via twitter and flickr

i'd been lusting after one of these button boxes for some time, Habitat were selling large ones,
big enough to use as actual button boxes

but i couldn't find them online and the nearest store
is in Exeter,
where i probably only go twice a year!

Eirlys very kindly offered to get me one next time she was going to her local Habitat, but she couldn't find any and then it was like a search for the Holy Grail everytime she went to Habitat :o) - anyway she bought a little pile of these small boxes and let me choose my colour, i had to have purple of course!

I have made so many friends online
including the lady whose mini moo card is on top of the pile,
she is in the States right now visiting family and friends,
and i'm missing her online presence and our funny little messenger chats
hope you're having a really great time Apryl :o)


Unknown said...

I Want one, I want I want I want!!!!
Great colour. Kx

Clare said...

such a cute little box! i want one, do they come in a range of colours? x

Kitschy Coo said...

Oh you lucky thing, love the coulour too.

I miss Apryl as well!

Apryl said...

Awe bless. I miss being online and chatting to you too! I have bought some vintage buttons and a few doilies too while in California and Idaho. Back next week

Vonnie said...


gtlady said...

Isn't the internet a truely wonderful thing! What a lovely parcel to recieve - wouldn't a line of them on a shelf be truely fabulous!!

JuicyFig said...

It's like a virtual 'Cranford' - and I love it!
Used to be on the Usenet system but got sick of 'trolls' etc.

Love the button box - it is YEARS since I went into a Habitat - I think the nearest to me is Manchester, abut 40 miles away.


Scrapiana said...

Thanks for the thanks! I'm really glad that this button has been released into its natural habitat [ouch]. It's perfect for those cards! The assistant in Habitat told me that they MAY just possibly reissue the bigger button boxes at some point. Happy days!

MitziMakes said...

Aw lovely :)
And that button box! I can see why you wanted one so much - you've got me going now!!

Milomade said...

I got one of these for my birthday from a friend - mine's bright pink and I think I'm going to go to habitat and get some more.