Wednesday, 21 April 2010

pincushion swap - what i sent

talk about great timing
the two parcels arrived on the same day
so now i know Jenny's has arrived too
i can show you what i made for her

i bought a set of plain cardboard boxes from Ikea last time we went and thought that one would be perfect to house the pincushion,
i decorated it with my button stamps and embossing powder

I made the pincushion from vintage embroidered linen.
I made a large suffolk puff - stuffed it - added a button - bound it tightly into four sections and then made a large covered button to cover the hole
at the bottom.

i think i will be making more of these covered buttons
i don't get on with the metal buttons with little teeth i just can't get them right so i found a cheaper and easier and upcycle-ier way
i will blog what i did soon :o)

the brief was to make and send a pincushion and a few crafty supplies
so i picked out a few vintage bits and bobs
added a button stamp kit
and of course some new pins!

i really enjoyed this swap

see what everyone else made/received

and thanks again to the lovely Claire Payne
for organising the swap and letting me play


cupotea said...

I really like the box you made for the pincushion to go in - and the pincushion itself. Your partner was very lucky.

Unknown said...

Lovely stuff you made there vV. Like your diy button stamp kit too!

I'm looking forward to your button tutorial.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pincushion you made! I even like it better with the bottom side (the covered button) up! : )

gtlady said...

Lovely swap goodies - great box and the stamp kit fab, and I love tht pincushion and like Gemma - can't wait for your button turorial!

MitziMakes said...

So lovely! I love the button theme :)