Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland - what i got!!!!

this was a really good swap!
look what Amanda from
sent me
this lovely big bag made from gorgeous
"Alice in Wonderland" fabric

it's really cute!

it's lined in lovely polka dot baby needlecord fabric

and full of nom nom nom Thornton's chocolates
it will be perfect as a crafty project bag once i've finished all the sweeties!

a fantastic hand-made notebook

i love this cute heart detail

and some Wonderland crafty supplies -
beautiful Alice fabric and this lovely cotton tape with part of the story on it.

"we're all mad here, i'm mad, you're mad"

and this photograph most definately proves that sentance!
yes to top it off Amanda sent me this
crazy Mad Hatter's shower cap

I loved doing this swap - thanks again to MeridianAriel for organising it :o)


Jessica Rodarte said...

love your treats! i really like the bag. that fabric is adorable! :)

Glamglass said...

Fabulous!! Great Swap!!

Kitschy Coo said...

Glad you liked everything! You look beautiful in your shower cap!

Bunny said...

Well isen't that the cutest thing. Oh lucky lucky you. What fun. Enjoy your new gifts.

Anonymous said...

I love the notebook! Looks like an incredibly fun swap! :)

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I really wish I had been more proactive in joining this swap! Everyone has had such good ideas!

Mari said...

Wow how beautiful! And that fabric is gorgeous too! very very cute!

Melissa said...

You hit the jackpot

Jenny S said...

That fabric is the best!! xo

zakkalife said...

I'm loving all that Alice and Wonderland fabric. What a lovely swap.

Unknown said...

All of it is so beautiful! ^^
I adored the fabric and ribbon so much I have to go find and favourite it on etsy!
Will hopefully get some money to buy it at the weekend.