Wednesday, 17 March 2010

happy St.Patrick's Day

so while i was busy making a complete mess of my clothes trying to eat a sherbet fountain in what has to be quite possibly the WORST packaging re-design EVER
the parcel man banged on the door
with a perfectly timed parcel
a box of "Rosebud" dolls

she has a rather serious little face

i didn't even realise she was a little Irish girl
when i bought her

i thought she was red riding hood at first

here she is with her friends

middle doll is a sweet little clone
and the nearest is going to be trouble
arriving at my house buck naked with wild red hair!!

these little dolls are destined to become
christmas tree fairys.


Jayme said...

I would love to see how you make these into tree ornaments. My mother has an old doll from her child hood and she would probably love to see it more offten than she currently does, which is never.

Bimbolles said...

Lovely dolls.

蛋包飯 said...
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