Saturday, 13 March 2010

the tenth Doctor - gone but not forgotten.

so i'm still in the stitching addiction phase
i decided i'd make a picture for my
Doctor Who crazy son

my first attempt
my son recognised who it was but i felt it looked
a bit flat at the back of the head

so i added a bit more "BUMP" !!!!

i like him better now

thought i'd better add a shirt and tie!

and yet again i cut the fabric a little bit too small
it was plenty big enough for the original design
BUT i kept adding to it!

my son's response
"oooh yes i like it - can you do me a Sontaran next?"


Kat said...

That's brilliant. How about a dalik next?

Glamglass said...

That is fab!! I think I could maybe manage an adipose as they are just blobs, but that is just fandabbydozy!!