Monday, 15 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

I got taken to watch the Alice in Wonderland movie
in 3D as my Mother's day treat
and what a treat for the eyes - the costumes were incredible the sets wonderful and the cast was fantastic - i loved it!
Quick go and see it!!!

i was very spoiled by my family on Mother's day the dog woke us at 6am, the boy before 7am so my lie in was throughly spoiled!!!
But i did get a cup of tea in bed brought by my daughter who at fifteen has a much more civilised sense of timing! She also bought me a packet of Hob-Nobs {biscuits} which i'd given up for lent but apparently it is fine to break your fast for Mother's day! Teacher said it so it must be true eh?

I was a bit sneaky this year and although i'd told my partner he needed to take us all to see Alice for my treat and dinner after
i still very un-subtley pointed out this brooch to my son that i really wanted
{mine is like the grey one}

aren't they gorgeous?
available here

did you all have a lovely Mother's Day?


The tenth Doctor - finished and framed

and now hanging up on the boys wall :o)

if i did it again i'd change a few little details,

the half cross stitch on the nose i'd just do a quarter stitch and back stitch the slope also i'd use a larger piece of aida and do more shirt and maybe jacket.

all in all i'm pleased with it but better still my boy loves it :o)

oh my geekiness
i got featured on
so it is official
We are all looking forward to watching Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor at Easter - i think even my daughter who has said she'll never watch it again without David Tennant as the Doctor!

They showed the trailer in 3D at the Alice movie it looked AMAZING.
ten years ago - today i think is the anniversary
i lost my beloved dog Jessie - i had her for 13 yrs from a teeny tiny puppy to a grand old lady she was a real character and i still miss her

to add insult to injury on the very same day my very bestest ever friend
moved all the way to Nottingham and i miss her very very much too.


Bimbolles said...

Qué gran descubrimiento, nos encanta todo lo que haces. We love your blog!. If you have a minute, could you visit us?.Congratulation!. Bimbolles Kisses.

Bigbluebed said...

comment on!
I am glad you had a lovely mother's day. I had a cup of tea in bed but my partner had to work and said if I wanted one I had to wake up at 7.15am - so I did. A cup of tea and breakfast in bed is worth it.

Gorgeous brooches.

And I love your Doctor Who portrait.

I still miss my pets and it is many years now. They bring so much to our lives that their presence even after death, makes our lives richer.

Giggly said...

What a fabulous Doctor Who Cross stitch!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. :) Mother's Day isn't till May, here.

I've been holding off on Alice In Wonderland till I heard more reviews...most of them so far are great. :)

I love your new brooch!! it's so lovely!!

Crafter-holic said...

Great Doctor Who craft! I sort of feel sorry for Matt Smith having to follow David Tennant lol he's a bit of a tough act to follow...I hope Matt's good.
Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)