Friday, 1 October 2010

childminding and my poor neglected blog

blogger is being silly and i can't put these photo's how i want them . . . . . grrr
but how cool is this vintage camera i picked up on wednesday? answer very very cool!

i'm sorry i am guilty of neglecting my blog at the moment - i am a childminder for my day job and have taken on some new kiddos - so i've been busy busy busy all day then sooo tired by nightime i just turn into a zombie!

the first day of my working week goes like this :
first two kids arrive at 7.45am
get my own boy ready for school
next two kids come at 8.30am
leave house with me pushing baby in buggy, the 3 walking kids plus my own boy start off for school at 8.35am
get to school at 8.50 drop my boy plus the first two kids off{all diferent classes}
walk to different school to drop off 3yr old.
Breathe a sigh of relief
take baby to music/dance group
walk back to first school to collect 4 yr old.
home for dinner.
rescue dog from baby.
put baby down for sleep.
wake baby up to walk to school and collect my boy and 4yr olds sibling.
go to park.
deal with mindees grazed knees. ouch.
bump into first set of kid's Mum on way to pre-school to collect 3 yr old.
go home - get all mindee 1 & 2's stuff together
chat about change of hours with their Mum.
they leave at 4.40pm
then me and remaining kids and an excited dog go off for a walk.
get home in time for my boy to be taken to swimming lesson.
mayhem of nappy changing - sorting school bags, packed lunch boxes - nappy bags and teddy bears and dummies - kids are collected at 5.30pm.

breathe another sigh of relief

make dinner, watch the simpsons, wonder where my daughter is, persuade boy it's bed time, remember the guinea piggies are out in the run in the dark - go and get them in hoping i don't stand in any dog sh#t.
tell boy to GO TO SLEEP {lots}

open a bottle of pear cider - drink it too fast - almost fall asleep at computor but still fail to go to bed 'till midnight.


next day is a little easier.
start work at 7.45am as day before but only have two mindees plus my own boy to walk to school
we collect huge ammount of fallen leaves/conkers/acorns for fridays craft club.
drop kids and return home as next child starts at 9.15am
take 2yr old to playgroup deal with potty training, terrible two's tantrums etc
collect 4yr old from school
home for lunch
put 2yr old up for sleep.
wake 2yr old {who has a tantrum} for school run.
collect my boy and 4yr olds sibling from school.
go home - get snack - get dog - jump in puddles.
rush home for first two kids to be collected.
get 2yr olds stuff together.
2yr old collected at 4.45pm.

and breathe.
cook tea - watch tv with the boy - get boy to bed.
wait for daughter to get home.
check out the craft forum i have taken over and moderate.
have shower - drink pear cider - watch True Blood.
intend to go to bed at midnight but start needlefelting - broken needle stops play.
bed at 1am.


wake up at 6.30am which is very annoying :(
it is POURING with rain.
just my own boy to take to school this morning.
deliver my avon catalogues {oh yes ding dong i'm an avon lady!}
stop for a cuppa at my aunt and uncles
friend across the road asks if i want to go kayaking. erm no thanks - it's wet enough on dry ground today! {plus i'm a wussy and i couldn't do that}
go food shopping - i'm cooking a roast dinner on sunday for 10 people as it's my
daughters 16th birthday
feel old.
and worried about cooking for 10 and wondering how i can be 40yrs old and not know what is a good joint of pork.

today i start work at 12pm
Just the two mindees and my boy.
get a lift to collect 4yr old from school at 12pm.
home for lunch.
then me and 4yr old walk to the local museum/gallery where i do my voluntary job
from 1 - 3pm
voluntary job is helping run an art and craft pre-schoolers club
glitter glue paint dough mess fun!
we make leaf prints-leaf crowns and leaf collages!
3pm go collect kids from school - my partner meets us so we can walk the dog in
the park.
supposed to finish work at 5.30pm but the mindees Mum has finished college early and arrives just before 4pm - takes twenty minutes to get them out the door as they are so happy playing!
wonder where my daughter is.
partner goes to work - he'll get home around 4am.
daughter texts to say she's been doing extra french at school.
make tea.
watch crap tv with the boy.
get him to bed at 9pm.

BLOG about how busy i've been
and hope my readers forgive me for my lack of blogging!



where's my chocolate?

feel glad i only work three days a week!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Oh bless I have every sympathy as a fellow childminder. This has been my life for 6 years but now the youngest has started full time school I am only doing before and after school and holiday care. It's hard work isn't it and not a life of sitting round drinking cups of tea as some folk think. Lack of blogging fully understood and forgiven. Have a peaceful weekend x

Anonymous said...

reading that I am completely amazed on how many things can you fit in an hour... you are very organized

take more breaths and try to enjoy yourself :)

your camera is just coolest camera I saw recently, I love vintage cameras like that


Apryl said...

you are a mad woman... and an saint.. I have no idea how you get all of that done without loosing your mind!

lack of blogging is forgiven...

and that camera is beautiful! I love old cameras they are great.

Anonymous said...

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